Announcing! Your 2011 Lorenz Photography Superlatives Nominees!!

I know I know, 2011 is SOOOO three weeks ago. What. I’ve been a little slow on the uptake getting back into the groove of things after the Holidays. BUT! Just because I’m a slacker doesn’t mean that Lorenz Photography Superlatives shouldn’t happen. So here we go!
So! You may be asking yourselves, Superlatives? QUOI? Well, I just thought that we could have a little more fun with the whole ubiquitous year in review business, and make it more into a fun thing for all my awesome clients and fans! So instead of just another blog post showing my faves from the year, instead I have come up with a few categories and a few nominees for each one. The winner of each superlative will get the prize specific to that category.

How to vote and/or win? Well, you can take a look see here at all the nominees, and then when you get to the bottom, click on the link to take you to the Lorenz Photography Facebook page. There you will see all these same images. To vote for an image, be sure to Like Lorenz Photography if you haven’t already, and then Like the picture in question. I am able to tag those with whom I am already friends on Facebook, but if we’re not facebook pals, go ahead and tag yourself and share with all your friends so you can encourage people to vote for you!

And now! Your 2011 Lorenz Photography Superlatives!

Sweetest Dance Moves

Prize: an 8×10 Cut out Statuette of your image for you to display on your desk at work to show of your sweet dance skillz.

Alexis and Emery from Anna and John’s wedding!

Emery and Blonde from Anna and John’s wedding!

This guy, who’s name escapes me at the moment, from Skippy and Ann’s wedding!


Best Face.

Prize: Your ridiculous mug printed on a t-shirt.






Favorite Bromance:

Prize: an 8×10 Mounted print for you and your bro.


Tom and his best man from Regan and Tom’s wedding

Emery and Orange from Anna and John’s wedding

Dave and Casey:

These bros from Shira and Drew’s Wedding

These bros from Dalisse and Danny’s wedding!

Derrick and his bros from Stef and Derricks’ wedding!


Favorite Wo-mance:

Prize: an 8×10 Mounted print for you and your lady friend


Regan and Danielle from Regan and Tom’s wedding:

Lauren and Lottie from Tom and Sonia’s wedding

Anna and Veronica from Anna and John!

Carlene and all of her badass bridesemaids from Carlene and Nick.


Biggest BAMF:

Prize: A set of 50 personal cards with your name the title of “Lorenz Photography BAMF of the year” along with your image to hand out to lucky recipients.

(What’s a BAMF?)

Brendan from Christina and Brendan

Emery from Anna and John

Tom from Regan and Tom

Thomas from Thomas and Sonia

Joe from Julia and Joe



Prize: Prize: A set of 50 personal cards with your name and image and the title of “Lorenz Photography HBIC of the year” to hand out to lucky recipients.

(What is HBIC?)

Carlene, from Carlene and Nick

Dalisse from Dalisse and Danny

Christina, from Christina and Brendan

Sonia, from Sonia and Thomas


Favorite Shoe Shot:

Prize: A book of 90 mini stickers with which to emblazon the world with your sweet ass shoes!

Christina’s Stewie Dubs and Brendan’s deck shoes:

Carlene’s Betsey’s and Louboutins:

Ann’s ballet flats!

Julie’s Sparkles!

Best Girl on a Thing:

Prize: an 11×14 Standout! (Print mounted on 1.5″ thick wood panel, ready to hang!)

Dalisse on this Vintage New York Checker Cab.

Christina on a Tree

Sonia on this tree in the Bahamas, knocked down by hurricane Irene!


Favorite Portrait:

Prize: a 20×24 Standout (print mounted on 1.5″ thick wood panel ready to hang!)

Carlene and Nick

Anna and John:

Thomas and Sonia:

Katie and Brian

Christina and Brendan:

Ann and Josh:

Julia and Joe:

Dalisse and Danny

Steff and Derrick:

Regan and Tom:

Julie and Shawn:

Best Mustache

Prize: Your glorious facial hair on your own damn coffee mug.









And finally: Party of the FREAKING YEAR:

Prize: a freaking 8×10 wood PLAQUE. COME ON, NOW!!

Anna and John:

Carlene and Nick:

Julia and Joe:

Steff and Derrick:

Christina and Brendan:

Regan and Tom:

Julie and Shawn:

Dalisse and Danny:

And that’s it! Now remember, to vote, just visit the Lorenz Photography Facebook Page where you can find all of these images. To vote, you must first “Like” Lorenz Photography if you haven’t already, and then “like” the picture in question. Only one vote per category! Winners will be announced January 30th!


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