Announcing: A New Approach to Print Sales and Pricing.


Abby finally gets over herself and starts doing shit the way she wants to do it. Not the way she’s been told to do it by industry professionals.

This is gonna make some people mad, probably.

If you’re of the old school of, $150 for an 8×10, feel free to close this browser window now. Cause you’re not gonna like this.

I had a couple if very enlightening conversations over the last week regarding print and digital file pricing. One with a client/good friend, the other with a fellow wedding photographer/good friend. In an attempt to not go on and on too long like I tend to do, I’m just gonna cut right to it.

Things are changing.

Starting today, I am adjusting the prices of prints and digital files. Drastically. I’m also simplifying and streamlining.

New print and digital file pricing is as follows:


4×6: $7

5×7: $10

8×10: $15

8×12: $17

(an 8×12 is essentially the same size as an 8×10, but the same aspect ratio as a 4×6, so you don’t have to crop)


Single web-ready digital file: $7

While I’m sure clients and family/friends of clients are rejoicing for this drastic decrease in product pricing, you may also be wondering, why the change?

Essentially what it comes down to is this: While pricing prints and files this low is a bit of a tough pill for my ego as a photographer to swallow, at the end of the day it’s more important for me that the people who want prints, get prints. And while I recognize that the old model of pricing was maybe more accurately reflective the value of those prints, I also recognize that they are cost prohibitive. Handling images in print was the very thing that sparked my obsession with photography when I was a kid, and to this day, seeing my images in print still gives me a thrill. If dropping the prices means that people will be getting prints into their hands more easily, then that’s what we’ll do.

As for files? Well. I’m still not quite willing to budge on the price of a high-res file.  However, I know that many people just want a web-size file to use for Facebook, their blog, email, or just for an electronic keepsake. I’m not willing to give these away for free, but I think $7 is a fair price. I know you might be thinking–“Pffff! $7?? I can just yank it off of FB  and crop out the watermark, or screen shot it off the blog! Hehe! Would you get a load of this Abby character? What a SUCKER!” Well. Sure. I guess you could Or, you could pay seven little dollars to obtain the file with a personal usage license, allowing you to share the image legally and ethically.

As my friend Dave always says: Just be cool.

Anyway. Back to my point. As of today, this is the new pricing in place. So go shit nuts.

One other thing: Just last night I purchased a new Pinup Girl Dress to add to my collection, and then of course I wake up this morning to an email from them announcing a sale. DAMMIT. This always happens to me. So annoying, right? Seriously. So, for those of you who have been good enough to purchase files and prints from me under my old pricing model–shoot me an email and I will give you a coupon code for 20% off a new order on the proofing gallery. It’s the least I can do to say thanks for wanting to invest in your images. (note: only good for 2012 clients, friends/family of clients who have already made a print purchase).

For those of you who already have galleries up and running on SmugMug, check them later today and you should find this newer, easier, more simplified pricing put into place.

Love your pictures. Thanks, friends.



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