Ann and Josh on a hot Sunday in Harvard Square, and my tormented relationship with the heat.

You guys. I’m going to tell you something that you might not like. Ready?
You sure?

Okay. Here we go:

I hate summer. There I said it. Gah I feel so much better. I feel like hating summer is this dirty secret I carry around with me. Whenever I tell someone they recoil in horror and stare at me with these big hurt eyes.  “What? How do you hate Summer???” Sorry man. I grew up with sweltering Nebraska summers that seemed to never, ever end. You know how ’round these parts there’s usually that one week in July where it’s up around 95 for about 5-7 days and it only gets down to the mid eighties at night? Yeah, that’s the ENTIRE SUMMER in Nebraska. Four months of that at least! BUT–the one consolation, is that where there are suburbs and new buildings–there is air conditioning! So while our summers were nastier, we were privileged enough to have central air conditioning in most buildings. Here? Not so much.

I’ve really tried to embrace life in New England, and while I fought it for a while, after six years I would say that I’m rather accustomed to most things that were unfamiliar to me at first. The crowded streets, the ubiquitous Irish pubs, the extremely densely populated neighborhoods–and even the lack of air conditioning. I’ve come to not only accept it, but kind of embrace it. I happily sit in my 3rd floor office with sweat dripping off my cheeks as I edit new work and write blog posts.  I get a kick out of wearing minimal clothing and laying around under a ceiling fan all  night long. And while gin and tonics are my year round house drink, let’s all be honest–an icy cold refreshing cocktail is even better when sitting outside in the oppressive heat.

But as much as I’ve tried and adapted and learned to embrace the sticky, hot, inescapable New England summers, one thing I continue to not be able to deal with–is photographing outside in the heat. I just can’t. I’m so uncomfortable. I’m so sticky. I can’t think straight because all I can think about is “omg my camera strap is sticking to me and everything hurts.” So when it came time for Ann and Josh’s engagement session on a relentlessly muggy Sunday afternoon I got a little panicked. I want so badly to do a great job for them and I don’t want to half ass it, but I just don’t know if I can work in this heat. Ann and I talked on the phone before our e-session and we both agreed that it would probably be a good idea for everyone involved if we just hung out for a bit before we start shooting to chat and get a drink.

Or four.

Hey whatever, man it’s summer time, right?! It was unbearably hot outside, and Grafton Street was air conditioned. Do you blame us for losing track of time a little bit? Didn’t think so. Plus, it’s Ann and Josh, a couple of friends of mine who are also good friends with Anna and John (that’s not confusing, right?) as well as my friend Tara. If there are any clients who I can have a couple of cocktails with and then go have an awesome shoot, it’s these two. Ann and Josh are getting married in October at the Harvard Faculty club downtown and I can’t wait. These two are so incredibly warm and welcoming–Tara had always sung their praises as being two of her fave people and when I met them last Winter I found them to be everything Tara had described and more. Josh is incredibly friendly and generous, and Ann is so sweet, talkative and (AND!) from NEBRASKA! Hooray! I knew these two were just made for me so I was so thrilled when shortly after meeting them they inquired about having me photograph their wedding. So after we finished a few rounds of cocktails we headed out to find that the sun had gone enough that it was no longer unbearable outside–but it seemed that we had maybe overstayed out welcome at Grafton Street and we realized we now only had a limited amount of time with good light! So off we ran around Harvard Square for some hot, mushy, lovey engagement pictures:

Ann and Josh you guys are the very bestest. Thanks for hanging out with me on what turned out to be a delightfully refreshing afternoon of good cocktails with friends. October 1st here we come!!



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