Anna and John at the Commandant’s House | Part Deux | The images for which there are no words.

Anyone who knows me personally or just reads my blog knows that I’m never short on words.  I’m chatty. I have a lot to say. And whenever I’m introducing a new set of images I love to tell you all just how Awesome! Every! Single! Thing! About it! WAS!! My friend Nichole once told me that I’m an over-explainer. This is a correct statement.
But as for Part Deux of Anna and John’s Charlestown wedding? You guys…there’s just…gah. There are no words.

So in a bit if a departure from my usual rambly lead up to the images…I’m going to take a whopping leap and simply let the pictures speak for themselves. Afterall, I’m a photographer, not a writer (well…I am, but that’s another story for another day)

Ladies and Gentlemen, presented without comment, The Rumpus:

DJTREX! The party was off to a good start just having such a wild group to begin with, but Tom’s kick ass 90’s Pop set was OMG so much fun and kept people on their feet the entire night. NOT an easy task!

(I generally refuse to do large group photos during receptions because they’re awkward and bring the party to a grinding halt…but not this crowd….)


So. Yeah. That all happened. Photographers tend to be a bit hyperbolic when describing their weddings (“BEST BLAH BLAH EVER!!”) so I feel like this is kind of crying wolf, but I can say with confidence that this was the craziest reception I’ve ever experienced. The next day I felt like I had been hit by a party bus and spent the whole day on the couch icing my knees. But this is the stuff I live for and what I love most about what I do.

Oh, and I meant to mention this is my last post but I forgot: My second shooter along for the wild ride was Mike O’Farrell of Kate Rose Photography. We had never met before but he sent me his portfolio and I was totally smitten with his work. SO much fun working with him! He was a great sport and got right into the mix along with me at the party. Mike thanks again for coming up to help out–it was awesome to meet you and I can’t wait to work with you again the future! You rock!

But…we’re done yet. Oh no. If you think that’s the last of this wedding. You are oh so wrong. There’s more?

Oh hell yes there’s more. There’s one last chapter to this ridonkulous story. Or maybe we should call it an epilogue. Whatever. Coming up next, Part III: The Mustache brigade….

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