Anna and John at the Commandant’s House | Part 1 of 3

Okay. You guys.


I hadn’t even gotten home from the after party of my friends Anna and John’s completely wild wedding and I had already determined I was going to have to break up their blog post into three parts: The Niceties, The Rumpus, and the Mustache Brigade. You may be asking…”QUOI??” but don’t fret. All will be revealed to you in time. Suffice to say, this wedding is just too, too much for one blog post.

So, part one: The Niceties. That is, our beautiful California girl getting ready, John utilizing the talents of several grown men, including some engineers and one atomic physicist (yes, THAT atomic physicist) to get his outrageously long tie in order, their super fun portraits, a beautiful spirited ceremony, my friend Dave on guitar and a peppered with some photographs of some of my very favorite people.

This is the tie that just wouldn’t quit. Thing when down to Johns knees, practically. Call in the engineers and physicists!

John and Anna’s good friend Dan officiated their super personal, fun ceremony. This was his “I’m important today” hat.


Right? So gorgeous! But we’re not done yet. Oh no. Baby I’m just gettin’ started.


Up next, Part II: The Rumpus. Here’s a peek:


I can’t even with this party. Coming soon….


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