Look now.
I’m a modern lady and all.

But I do have some old school proclivities, especially when it comes to photography, and especially when it comes to the importance of experiencing your images in print.

I think this comes from having spent years of my life in the darkroom crafting prints; setting up my easel, focusing the enlarger, handling my 16×20 Illford Fiber Glossy paper carefully so I don’t crease it,  getting a big whiff of fixer up my nose as I pour it into the tray, sitting and scratching my head trying to decide if I should go up a half grade in filter, to which Nick Johnson always assured me no, I should not. But I always did it anyway.

Anyway, what?

Right. Well, what I’m talking about is prints. I know that these days everyone wants their images digitally and I totally dig that.  I also know that some people want to puchase prints through their photographers and others prefer to print them on their own, while others don’t want prints at all. And that’s all fine. There are some prosumer labs out there that do great work, and who am I to dictate how people print their images.

However. I will say this.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to the quality and beauty of a professionally made album. From the archival paper to the properly printed color, contrast and exposure, to the professional, durable binding, pro albums are the best. Hands down.

And for me? In a time when most people experience their images digitally, seeing my imagery printed perfectly, beautifully is so incredibly fulfilling and satisfying. It’s the final step in the process, not just from capturing the image to the printing of it, but in the process of working with my clients. From our first meeting over beers where we laugh and chat and get to know each other, all the way up to turning the pages of their wedding album.


Albums. I offer two types of albums, in fact. The first, Finao, is an album bound with images printed on true photographic paper–ie, they’re real actual photo prints. The second, Vision Art, is an album bound with images printed on museum quality paper with pigment based ink. For the longest time I had my nose in the air about ink on paper prints, and didn’t offer any type of album of that nature–until I discovered Vision Art. I could sit here and try to explain in words how exquisite these books are, but suffice to say, it turned this skeptic into a believer.

So. For your viewing pleasure, first up is my Vision Art album, complete with custom made display box:

And next up is my Finao album. This book has hands down the most outrageous and awesome cover I’ve ever seen on a wedding album: It’s called the Erotika and it’s actually ink on aluminum. It has the most delicious tactile quality to it, as the highlights are blown out which reveals the bare metal underneath. SO COOL.

Pricing for the Vision Art album starts at $800 for a 9×9 and go up to 16×12. Finao pricing starts at $1000 for a 10×10 and go up to 12×12 with an INFINITY amount of cover options, from basic leathers to custom photo canvas to this wicked cool metal cover shown here.

If you want to experience these in person don’t be shy to give me a shout! You really just have to get your hands on them to understand how truly killer they are.

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