Olive got a new collar! But you know….whatever…. When Alana was in town last week I took her to Newbury street for the afternoon where we stumbled into Audrey’s of Boston–a new urban pet supply store that has everything from giant bags of dog food to cute collars and leashes to small pet supplies (as in stuff for little animals…).  My friend Li of Fat Orange Cat Studio (and a much more talented pet photographer than I!) photographed the owners’ dog Kendall and has some beautiful canvases on the walls of the store.  Li had mentioned the new store to me, but it wasn’t until I walked in and saw the pictures of the beautiful boxer and I went “OH! THIS is Audreys!” The store is absolutely fantastic and Brittany and her husband are lovely people whose store aims to solve the problem of the urban pet owner–how to get pet supplies without having to rent a zip car, drive accross the river and spend money at big box pet supply stores.  I do admit to buying a lot of our pet supplies (dog and cat food/litter) at big franchise pet supply stores because of their convenience for me (I live in Watertown and have a car), but no matter how “convenient” they are, the big stores don’t have nearly the selection of stylish collars and leashes, GOOD toys (like Tuffies–can’t find these at big stores) etc.  For those of you city dwellers who own pets, definitely check out Audrey’s and help support local business! Also be sure to check out the middle table, where proceeds from items like Olive’s “Adopted” collar go to Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Thanks, Brittany!

(BTW Olive had to go to the vet today and she’s been pouting ever since which is why she doesn’t look all that happy here….I keep telling her to get over it.  She got a handful of duck jerky and a pig ear outta the deal.)

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