Aaahhhh that’s better.

Alright I seem to have this place back in order (somewhat). I realize I’ve been super absent around here which I need to be better about. I’ve actually had a lot going on in the past few weeks, including a couple of guest appearances with two of my favorite fellow photographers, Laura Widness of Studio Noir (and now Ruby Shoes Photography) and Suzanna Guidone Lombardo of Suzanna March Photography.  First, I am filling in for Sam Melanson, one half of Studio Noir, on a wedding for which she is not available.  I had the pleasure of shooting along side Laura for Hannah and Topher’s engagement session a few weeks ago, which started out on a warm, sunny afternoon in the North End and ended with a boozey finish at the Liberty Hotel later that night. Those pictures are coming up next!
Next, this past weekend I took a road trip to Philly with Suz to second shoot with her on Molly and Eddie’s absolutely gorgeous downtown Philadelphia wedding.  Neither Suz or I had been to Philly before so it was a hilarious adventure for both of us.  Although I’ve lived on the East Coast for six years I have still never actually been to New York City, I still go a little bumpkin whenever I drive through it. We had a super fun drive on the way down, and Suz, a Connecticut native who has spent plenty of time in the city drove while I kept my face pressed firmly against the passenger window going: “Okay wait, so…are we like IN the city? Is that Manhattan over there? OOOH! We’re going over the George Washington Bridge! JUST LIKE IN SOPRANOS!! Tasty Delite? Oh yeah I heard about that on Sex and the City…”  It seriously never gets old for me. Which should be absolutely hysterical when I head down to New York again next weekend, only this time I will not be driving through it but TO it with Laura to photograph Dalisse and Danny’s wedding in Queens.

Philly was pretty great–Suz and I got there around 5pm on Thursday night and were greeted by a wall of thick, hot, humid Philadelphia air.  It seriously was like a punch in the face when we stepped out of the car.  After we checked into our hotel we wandered down to Liberty park, where the wedding would be taking place the following day to scout locations for pictures. Then we wandered back and found this amazing Victorian-styled restaurant lit only by candles in glass jars that had a live piano player, tables made out of beer barrels and a number of handsome mustacheod waiters.

Images from Molly and Eddie to come in the next couple weeks, but since a blog post with no photos is boring, here’s a little glimpse into our morning before the wedding:

Rock on. More to come 🙂

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