A couple that knows how to move together…

What do you get when you take a Danish neurosurgeon, a Southern belle gone New England city girl and put them together with her huge Southern Family in a big ol’ church? You get Julia and Thorkild’s fantastic, sophisticated, urban, Beacon Hill Wedding!

This church–the Church of the Advent on Brimmer Street in Beacon Hill–was breathtakingly beautiful.  A huge old Episcopalian Cathedral, the architecture was so visually stunning.  I also had me trembling in fear for the lack of available light.  My technique went a little something like this: Deep breath in, one, two three, exhale, click.  Thank you Canon 5D and ISO 1600!
It got wicked cold by the time the ceremony was over so our plans for group pictures on the front steps of the church fell through, and we had to improvise locations for the group pictures during the cocktail hour.  I found this fun staircase in the Commandants House where the girls were freshening up.  I think I pulled it off! 
Hence the title of this post…. 
I really loved the idea of a neurosurgeon preparing to cut his wedding cake…I bet it was done, if nothing else…efficiently

Sorry, Julia…I had to put this one up.  It’s just too…perfect.

Big thanks to Ben Gebo for shooting along side me for this one!! 

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